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 I first fell in love with chinnies in my mid 30's but had to wait almost a decade before I got my first ones Mugwai & Gizmo  a pair of beige boys from a pet shop.

A year down the line and still besotted I bought a pair of chinnies from a breeder.

Then I bought another pair.

And another. And another!!

And then with a lot of research and advice  I started to breed and the herd expanded quickly as I fell in love with the kits and couldn't bear to part with any

Soon the chinny room was bursting at the seams so I sneaked a few into another spare room
(The kids had all moved out so we had a few empty rooms!! Hubby didn't seem to notice so I sneaked a few more in!)Then a few more.Eventually I realised I would have to sell at least some of the kits so advertised and carefully vetted all enquiries.
Four years ago I was persuaded to have a go at showing and from there the whole thing exploded.Having seen all those show chinnies I realised that although mine were beautiful and had been bought from reputable breeders,
they weren't what  I'd seen on the show bench - my goals changed, I invested in better animals, started studying genetics properly and decided what I wanted to specialise - Standard and violet mainly.  I was lucky, learnt quickly and did well at the shows despite being really nervous.
I progressed to the main bench two years after my first show having done well and although standard are my all time favourite including the stunning  blue diamond.
More recently I started breeding the royal persian angora, importing my intial stock from the continent.

I now have four rooms of chinchillas, all in the house, mainly in big cages.
I have a couple of runs of smaller poly cages but have to admit to preferring to see groups of chinnies sitting cuddling in the bigger cages.
I have around 150 chinchillas excluding kits.
Not all are breeding animals, some are oldies, retired and enjoying a pampered lifestyles,some are rescues hoping to find their 'furever' home but in reality probably staying here.

People at work call me the crazy chinchilla lady and I guess they are probably right! But I wouldn't change my life for a moment.

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Chinchilla Lady is all about offering safe, good quality and enjoyable treats for your furry friends.

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